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Chemical for Water Treatment
We work to prevent operational problems in the boilers and cooling water facilities used in all kinds of factories and large buildings. We strive to maintain and improve the production efficiency of manufacturing processes in a variety of industries, including petrochemicals, steel, and pulp and paper. Kurita has a comprehensive lineup of very safe water treatment chemicals that are used over a wide array of applications. In conjunction with our products, facilities and maintenance services, we are able to provide optimal water treatment solutions. Through our service network, covering the whole of Japan, our support systems are also second to none. Our service system is customer-focused, providing rapid and precise responses. We have developed a used-container collection system, reflecting our constant efforts aimed at further reducing customer waste. We are always endeavoring to maintain and protect the healthy condition of water, which is such a key part of industry. It is here that Kurita technology is always at work.
Eco Shuttle® Water Treatment Chemical Container Collection System

Kurita operates a returnable container collection system, which includes the reuse of water treatment chemical containers. This system contributes to our customers’ efforts to reduce waste emissions. (Photo shows the Eco Shuttle® container cleaning facility.)

Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
Water treatment is an integral part of safe and efficient boiler operation. Kurita supplies water treatment chemicals, for safe boiler operation.
Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals
To prevent the occurrence of such problems as corrosion, scale, slime and Legionella bacteria inside cooling water systems, we provide a full range of treatment chemicals to ensure a safe, effcient and hygienic operation.


Environmental Chemicals
Our environmental chemicals contribute to the smooth operation of wastewater treatment facilities, along with environmental conservation and energy saving. Our extensive product lineup includes flocculants and dehydration agents.
 Process Treatment Chemicals
We have developed a range of chemical products that contribute to maintaining and improving production efficiency within the manufacturing processes of such industries as petroleum refining, petrochemicals, steel, and pulp and paper.
 Steam Supply and Water Supply Contracts
 Kurita can provide high-quality steam and boiler feed water safely and at a low cost.   

Telemac® Water Treatment Management Contracts

Water quality and chemical treatment data is automatically recorded and transmitted to our information processing center. Based on this system, we are able to monitor customers’ boilers and cooling water systems around-the-clock to achieve optimal operations management.
Multiyear Contracts
For customers who use large amounts of cooling water treatment chemicals, in such industries as petroleum refining and steel, we offer multiyear contracts for the optimal long-term management of water treatment. This arrangement contributes significantly to the reduction of total costs related to water treatment..

Cooling Tower Water Treatment
Corrosion and scale forming tendencies of re-circulating cooling water reduce efficiency of heat transfer equipment. This problem must be addressed in order to optimize plant performance Microbial growth poses equally serious challenges and growth control steps should be taken from the start. We offer the complete package of products.


Boiler Water Treatment
The principle objectives of treating and conditioning boiler water are to prevent scaling, corrosion and contamination of steam by salts in the boiling water. Chemical means are used primarily to achieve these objectives, followed by some mechanical means. Our product rage includes.
 Chilled Water System
 RO Unites
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