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Submersible multi-stage pumps irrigation, transfer, wash down and hydro pneumatic sets for open wells from a minimum 0 of 125mm. Acuaria 07, of 140 mm., Acuaria  17/27 and of 155mm., Acuaria 37/47/57.
Submersible Drainage Pumps

Submersible pumps for the drainage of water without solids in suspension, as clear water, emptying of swimming pools or operation in decorative fountains. They can be supplied with an electronic level device.

Submersible pumps, vortex system, for the drainage of sewage and dirty water, operation in specific tanks and small purifying installation. They can be supplied with an electronic level device.

Pond Pumps
Multi-stage horizontal centrifugal pumps

Muiet running multi-stage horizontal centrifugal pumps, with pump body completely in stainless steel, for application with clear water in domestic applications, irrigation and pressure sets. Built-in device for ensuring pressure water supply, protection against pump dry running and electronic display with led showing line, pump in operation and failure self priming up to 9 meters.

Multi-stage vertical centrifugal Pumps

Quiet running multi-stage vertical centrifugal pumps for spray irrigation systems and pressure sets in domestic, industrial and agricultural installations.

Single-stage centrifugal pumps

Single-stage centrifugal pumps with complete drainage device for compact hydro massage units. Installation capable of resisting over 3.750v.

Quiet running single-stage centrifugal pumps for the recycling of water in spas.

Swimming pool pumps

Quiet running single-stage centrifugal and very compact pumps for the recycling of water in small transportable pools.

Single-stage centrifugal self-priming pumps, with built in prefilter specially conceived for the recycling and filtering of swimming pool water, that can be collective and professional for Tifon 1 Great suction power.

Pressure Systems
Domestic Pressure Sets

Automatic pressure sets designed for the supply of water at constant pressure to 1 or 2 dwellings. Do not deliver pressure continuously to the installation, only with real water consumption. Composed by a pump and a compact pressure set.

Building Pressure Sets

Pressure sets with speed viriator, composed of 2 or more pumps, Multinox or Raintec series. They supply water at constant pressure in single family homes or small industrial installations. Raintec systems, self-priming up to 9 meters.

Sea Water Pumps

Quiet running centrifugal horizontal pumps for operation with swimming pool cleaners, sea water, chloric water, desmineralized water and ozonic water.
 Poolmatic incorporate electronic device with possibility of programs until with eight daily options of operation.

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