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How US Patented Sensafe Strips Work
How WaterWorks Strips Work
Insoluble colorimetric indicators are impregnated in the membrane / filter paper and positioned over the aperture. When a SenSafe TM strip is dipped into the water sample with back and forth motion, fluid flow is facilitated through the aperture which improves colorimetric reaction with the indicator up to 100-fold, when compared to other conventional test strips. Only ITS can offer this unique strip.
WaterWorksTM strips are designed using a combination of patented and proprietary chemistries. All needed reagents are precisely impregnated on the test pad. In comparison to standard powdered reagents, WaterWorksTM strips use approximately 1/100th the amount of chemicals. Designed to yield semi-quantitative and quantitative results, WaterWorksTM strips are ideal for use for many water testing needs.
How A ReagentStripTM Works
What is a Packet?
Now there is an alternative to powder pillows, powder packets, tablets, glass ampoules, and liquid systems: ReagentStripsTM have one or more test pads containing reagents for colorimetric detection of ions in water samples. By dipping a strip into a supplied vial, the reagent is released into the water sample. Discard the strip and match the color in the vial to a color chart. For even greater accuracy, the color sample can be read in a colorimeter, like the one shown above (part number 481667), for analysis.
Packets are a convenient way to package individual test strips. Providing total protection for the strip, foil packets are an ideal solution when you are working in varying conditions where the risk of exposure to extremely high humidity and moisture is possible. Each strip is carefully sealed in its own individual packet to protect it from exposure to moisture before you are ready to use it. Another benefit to foil packets is the size. Small enough to fit in your pocket, foil packets are an ideal solution when testing out in the field. Lastly, considering the size and protection of a foil packet, they are ideal to send to customers as a promotion or troubleshooting tool; saving you time and money compared to a service call
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