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Autotrol Brand Controls, Valves and Accessories


Residential Valves


All of our high-quality residential valves:

  • Are constructed of a durable, corrosion-resistant Noryl* plastic
  • Have a heat-welded body that is 100% tested prior to shipment
  • Feature the unique and reliable Duraflow™ valve-disc technology
  • Come with an outstanding five-year limited warranty
  • Feature modular design for easy access to components
  • Have self-cleaning ball-and-seat flow controls for consistent flow rates through a wide water-pressure range
The simple design and construction of our residential valves ensure maximum reliability and performance.

Residential Controls


Osmonics manufactures a complete line of system controls, from the "set it and forget it" mechanical control to the fully programmable, professional-model metered control. Our rugged residential controls:

  • Combine simple, reliable operation with low-cost, energy-saving performance features such as variable reserve
  • Offer a variety of power options that ensure safe and easy installation, including a 12-volt power supply
  • Utilize NOVRAM (Non Volatile Random Access Memory) backup for power outages, simple turbine metering, and diagnostic capabilities
  • Offer optional control features, including fully programmable cycle times and ultraefficient patented proportional brining
  • Feature Osmonics' five-year limited warranty for mechanical and electronic controls

Autotrol Brand Valves


Our heavy-duty Autotrol valves are known for their reliability and efficiency.


255-Series Control Valves


The economical, industry-standard 255 valve easily handles the most troublesome water conditions with its:

  • Five-cycle Duraflow valve-disc technology, proven reliable in millions of installations around the world
  • Unique locking bar that allows quick separation for easy removal of all serviceable parts from the tank adapter
  • Clear-sight air check and large injector screens and caps that make maintenance easy
The 255 valve offers the most features at an affordable price, resulting in the best value in reliable, efficient water conditioning.

Performa™ Control Valves


Designed for large residential and light commercial flow rates and applications, the innovative Performa softener control valve features:

  • Service flow up to 25 gpm (5.7 m 3 /h)
  • An efficient five-cycle softener
  • An easily accessible and adjustable salt dial for reliable soft-water brine refill performance
Simple design, combined with superior service and backwash flow rates make the Performa softener control valve the ideal solution for efficient softener regeneration.



Performa Filter Valves

Engineered for simple, straightforward, fully automatic filtering, the hardy Performa filter valve features:

  • Low-cost, simple and effective filtering
  • Exceptional backwash flow rates up to 20 gpm (4.5 m3/h)
  • Ability to handle the heaviest filter media
  • Rugged three-cycle filter control valve
  • Compatibility with the reliable 440i control
Its impressive service and backwash flow rates, along with its simple design, make the Performa filter valve an outstanding value and the perfect valve for home and light commercial applications.

Performa Countercurrent Valve with 463i Control


The Performa countercurrent is our most efficient control valve, featuring:

  • 463i high efficiency electronic demand control
  • Our patented proportional brining, which regenerates only the exhausted portion of the resin bed
  • Countercurrent regeneration with soft-water refill, providing maximum salt and water efficiency
  • A simple internal turbine that meters the conditioned water used since the last regeneration
  • Microprocessor technology so that the system regenerates only when necessary

Self-cleaning and reliable, the Performa countercurrent valve with 463i control provides top conditioning efficiency.


ReadySoft™ Alternating System


With the built-in reliability of the Autotrol 255 valve, the ReadySoft alternating systems:

  • Have fully programmable regeneration cycles
  • Provides continuous soft water
  • Include a microprocessor-based main control with a six-digit LED display, making it easy to read and simple to program
  • Feature the Autotrol turbine metering system and flow data-collection capabilities for easy sizing and diagnostics
Ideal for large residential and light commercial applications, the ReadySoft alternating system provides a continuous supply of treated water.


Instrumentation and Controls
  • Deionizer Controls
    Controls for small, medium and large scale deionization needs
  • Residential Disinfection Products
    Dry Pellet Chlorination for home, farm and well water sources.

AquaMatic® Controls


Aquamatic Vales have earned world wide recognition for their high quality and value in the water treatment market. Value includes low initial purchase price and lower cost of operation during the life of the product when compared with our competitors. Our valves are simple to maintain, and easily serviced by your maintenance staff.

The AquaMatic valves controls ire flow with one cycle every ten minutes. Other applications where AquaMatic valves can provide reliable service and flow life-cycle costs include:

  • Center Pivot Irrigation Systems
  • Conveying Equipment
  • San Blasting Equipment
  • Desalination Systems
  • Car Wash Systems
  • Milling Machines and Lathes
  • Cooling Tower Float Values
  • Plastic Molding Machinery
  • Laundry Equipment
  • Sludge Removal Systems
  • Bulk solids Transfer Equipment
Stager Valves  

AquaMatic Stagers are rotary pilot valves with multiple ports for directing fluid flows to operate various diaphragm valves installed in a process system. AquaMatic Stagers internal parts are constructed of durable, non-corroding, self-lubricating material for long, maintenance free life.

Electronic Stager Controls

AquaMatic 962 Stager Controls
AquaMatic 962 Stager Controls combine an AquaMatic Stager with Autotrol 962 series electronic control, mounted and pre-wired in a NEMA- rated enclosure. 

The series 962 electronic control provide sophisticated, demand-based water conditioning by combing a microprocessor with a flow meter to electronically monitor the amount of water used. Time-based and/or external signal initiation is also available as a standard feature. This fully programmable series of controls provide the ability to fine-tune the operation to meet the application requirements

instruments to control and measure pH, Redox (ORP), Conductivity, Residual Chlorine, Temperature and Turbidity
The fields of applications are numerous


  - waste water treatment

  - drinking water

  - cooling tower

  - boilers

  - chemical industry

  - swimming pools

  - drinks and food industry

  - power plants

  - process industry

  - agriculture

  - paper industry

  - pharmaceutical industry

  - laboratories

... and much more

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